Co-op Registration Forms

How to Register

For the upcoming 2017-2018 school year, registrations will be processed in person on Tuesday, June 6th at Community Baptist Church.  Except for nursing babies, children & teens are not allowed to come to registration, so please make other plans for them.

Families will be able to register in the designated time slots:

  • Families of a teacher: 10:30-12:00
  • Returning families: 1:00-2:30
  • New families: 2:30-3:30

If you are unable to attend registration on this day, you may send your registration with someone else.  However, registration papers sent with someone else will be processed at the end of registration day.  In this situation, all paperwork and clearances will only be processed if everything is in order and payment is included.

You may also mail in your registration documents. Registration packets that are received by mail will be processed after 5pm on June 6th, and they will continue be accepted if post-marked by July 5th.  All documents below as well as checks and copies of clearances must be mailed for the registration to be processed.  The mailing address is

CHEF Co-op

P.O. Box 2511

Williamsport, PA 17701

Drop/Add and Late Registrations

After July 5th, the final opportunity to register will be on July 19th.  This is also the day when registered families may make drop/add changes to their children’s schedule.

A additional $30 per family fee will apply to registrations and drop/add changes this day.  To do this, families must email to make an appointment.

Registration Forms

All families should please print & complete the following forms.  Bring them to registration (or mail all of these documents if registering by mail).

Parent Contract

Student Contract

Medical Release

Also, print, complete & bring the appropriate grade level form for each child whom you are registering in classes:

Highschool Registration Form

Middle School Registration Form

3rd-5th Registration Form

1st – 2nd Registration Form

Kindergarten Registration Form


We encourage families to wait and write checks at registration in case there are changes in class selection.

  • First, families will need to write one check for co-op administrative fees.  This is $40 (and late registration or drop/add fees if applicable) plus $10 per child who will be registering for a middle or high school class.
  • Then, they will need to write 2 checks for each class: one check for the whole year’s class tuition & one check for the whole year’s materials fees. Checks should be made payable to the teacher of each class.  If there are multiple teachers, checks should be made to the first name listed on the prospectus.

The checks for the materials fees will be distributed to teachers on August 1st (please have funds available) and checks for tuition will be distributed on the first day of co-op (please have funds available).


Please note that to encourage an atmosphere where all students are working hard and are accountable for class work, auditing is not allowed at co-op.

Clearances & Background Checks–Parents & Teachers

To comply with the PA law regarding child abuse prevention, the following documents will need to be submitted for the parent(s) who will be coming to co-op.  Please bring a copy that we can keep in our files.  If you are a current family who submitted clearances last year, you may check with a member of the steering committee remaining days of co-op to see if we have an up-to-date copy on file.  (Please only ask on a scheduled co-op day because we have limited time and access to the files.)  If there are current clearances on file, we can use these.

Registrations will only be processed with the required clearances and the mandatory reporter training.  Even if you are waiting for them, we will not be able to process your registration until you receive & submit them.  It may happen more quickly, but please allow 2 months for processing of these documents.

Clearances/background checks and mandatory reporter training must be dated on or after June 1, 2013.  This date allows us to comply with the law and know that everyone’s requirements are met through the next school year.

  • State Police Background Check Request (Required for all parents & teachers coming to co-op)
  • Child Abuse Clearance Request form (Required for all parents & teachers coming to co-op).  This can be mailed in.  With patience, some people have also had success doing the form online  and getting results they can print with in a week or so.  To do the online version, start with the “Create New Account” button.
  • Mandatory Reporter Training Certificate (Required for all parents & teachers coming to co-op) There are different options for this, but here is a link to one free training.  The slides are now timed to take a full 3 hours.
  • F.B.I. Background Check through the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services Link (Required for parents who have not resided in PA for the last 10 years & all teachers who are paid for teaching; requires fingerprinting).  This has been taking about 2 weeks after fingerprinting to get the results in the mail. (Be sure to choose the option for the Dept. of Human Services NOT the Dept. of Education.)